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Erie Dj Matt Barnes | Erie Disk Jockey Matt Barnes | Erie DJ | Erie Wedding DJ | DJ Barnes


We guarantee that Walten Point Productions Entertainment Company employees the best entertainers and industry professionals in the Tri-State area. Our company doesn’t just employee anyone that thinks they can entertain a crowd rather they must have at least ten years of experience and all of them have proven track records with major music industry companies such as MTV and major recording artists. We are not your average company that sends someone to your event to hit the play button and you dance rather we entertain and professionally mix our music.

Matt Barnes, Owner & Premier Entertainer

Entertainer Name: DJ Barnes

Erie DJ Barnes
Matt Barnes began his pursuit to becoming a professional Erie disc-jockey when he was only twelve years old. He was an entrepreneur that was on a mission to be able to provide the best entertainment in the area. Little did the Tri-State area know the young Erie DJ Barnes was about to make his dreams a reality. Matt began to DJ as a hobby, but when he entered high school he opened his entertainment company, now called Walten Point Productions Entertainment Company. Soon enough Matt was swamped with events to the point where he needed to have others begin to go to work for him part-time while he preformed at other venues. Currently, Matt is still performing under the name DJ Barnes and stays very busy doing nearly 100 appearances and events during the course of the past year. Matt currently attends college at Gannon University. He will continue to run his business while pursuing a master degree in business.

Randy Barry

Entertainer Name: DJ Ran

DJ RandyRandy Barry is noted for appearing in the Real World San Diego. He was also a cast member on the Battle of the Sexes 2 in 2004 and then in 2006, The Gauntlet 2, for his two appearances on the Real World Road Rules Challenge. Randy is available for any event and he has been a DJ before he was made famous from being on TV. He now tours the US with the help of Walten Point Productions Co. by placing him at events to entertain our clients. DJ Ran is not only a TV celebrity, but also a famous video mixing DJ.

DJ Ran, has toured the country DJ’n with DJ Silver. DJ’n for Student City, at college campus’s, and festivals. He DJ’ed for them in Panama City for Spring Break 2008, at the MTV U Spring Break House. DJ Ran’s touring schedule truly keeps him pushing the sound that keeps the dance floor going.

Joel Sidley

Entertainer Name: DJ Phaze

With over fifteen years of experience, Joel’s résumé includes working with several major recording artists including Grammy Award Winners: Alicia Keys, and Kat DeLuna. Joel’s style is truly unique. Mixing: Rock, Soul, Hip-Hop, Mash-up, Breaks, Reggae and Latin music all together to create one overall vibe. He has been an on staff DJ at our company for several years now and is in his early to mid-thirties. Joel lives in the Ohio area, therefore serves as an entertainer at many of our events in Ohio and in the Northwestern Region of Pennsylvania.

Ed and John

Certified Lighting Technicians

Ed and John have been working for our company for nearly two years now, although they have over twenty years of experience in dealing with lighting design. They are the newest additions to our staff. Both design the high end light shows with the best computer software on the market once our company begins to set up for your event. They primarily design many of our high end and upscale events. Ed has designed lighting for many national acts such as Ludicrous, Daughtry, The Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Naughty By Nature, Tone Loc, DJ Tiesto, Tommy Lee, Coolio and Vanilla Ice just to name a few. Their expertise is put to work at our company when we serve rock band acts, college and high school dances, outdoor festivals, corporate functions etc.

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