Other Rental Options

- Pin Spots- Mixers
- Custom Monograms- CD Players
- Lecos- Mics
- PA speakers- Speaker Cables
- Elation Power Spot 250 Lights- Trussing
- Elation Design Spot 250 Lights      - 5 Watt Strobe Lights
- Truss Stands For Elation 250- Small Sound Systems
- Elation LED Accent Lighting      - Large Sound Systems
- Track Spot 250 Lights- Confetti Cannons
- America DJ Deluxe Scan 25- Fog Machines
- Elation Light Boards- Laser Lights
- Black Back Drop- LCD TV(s)
- Red Carpet- Video Screen(s)

We have many other rental options. Please call our company for pricing and additional questions. If we don’t have what you need we will get it for you.

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